Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

“The Western world is overfed and undernourished”.

The food chain has been well and truly compromised through modern farming and processing methods. On the other hand the requirements of the human body to keep pace with modern life have increased significantly, particularly in the areas of pollution and emotional challenges.

No two individuals are alike when it comes to the nutritional spectrum required to handle daily life. To maintain balance the addition of nutrition through supplements may well be essential. Vitamin and mineral imbalance is evident in the food available in most Western diets and this can be sufficient to cause ill health unless corrected.

Appleseeds can help you maintain this balance. We have a huge range of the supplements for the whole family including organic and food-based supplies covering general well being, emotions, eyes and ears, circulation, weight management, skeletal issues, digestion, the immune system and many more subjects.

We will look after you Naturally, advising and supplying nutritional supplements to meet your needs.


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