What is Lecithin?\"Lecithin\"

  • Lecithin is the most abundant of the phospholipids in the body.
  • It is a fatty food that serves as a structural material for every cell in the body.
  • Lecithin is essential for the brain & nervous systems.
  • It makes up 73% of the total liver fat.
  • Lecithin is continuously produced in the liver, passes into the intestines with bile and is absorbed in the blood.
  • Lecithin is 30% of brain dry weight and 17% of nervous system.
  • It helps in the transportation of Fats.
  • You cannot live without it.
  • Lecithin is extremely important in the digestion and oxidation of fats. Lecithin can emulsify cholesterol – a fatty substance that can collect in the walls of arteries and veins to narrow them.
  • Lecithin has been scientifically shown to break up cholesterol.
  • Cholesterol will cause trouble if Lecithin is lacking in the system.
  • It is an important component of the endocrine glands and the muscles of the heart and kidneys.
  • It has the potential to create more muscle and glandular activity in the body, resulting in less fat accumulation.
  • Nervous, mental and glandular over activity will deplete the body’s capacity to replace Lecithin. This may render a person irritable and exhausted.

It is Essential to add Lecithin to the diet.

Benefits of Lecithin

  • It helps fight infection.
  • Increases immunity capability.
  • Lowers blood pressure in certain groups.
  • Can help diabetics in combination with Vit E.
  • Digests and helps with the oxidation of fats.
  • Extremely beneficial for those with high cholesterol levels.
  • Effective generator of physical, mental & vital glandular activity.
  • Known to assist in brain functions.
  • Can increase alertness in elderly people.

Foods Rich in Lecithin

  • Egg Yolk ( the word Lecithin in greek = egg yolk)
  • Fatty Fish
  • Whole grain cereal
  • High grade vegetable oils
  • Soya beans
  • Liver
  • Milk

The body will make Lecithin if adequate supplies of B Vits are present. Eating refined foods where B Vits are generally reduced will limit the body’s capacity to synthesize Lecithin.

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