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If you make no other changes this New Year, one thing that could have a positive effect on your overall well-being is something which everyone has access to. It is cheap and easy, but comes with a whole host of benefits that can help you to improve your digestion, support your kidneys and liver through the detoxification process, help keep the joints and eyes lubricated, keep waste material moving through the colon, help keep your skin clear, prevent a build-up of toxins within the body, as well as regulate body temperature. Look no further then quite simply, WATER.

Additionally if you are wanting to lose a few pounds then drinking more could also support this goal. Many of us think we are hungry when in fact we are just needing a drink, so when hunger strikes and you’re reaching for the biscuits turn to a glass of water, and if the hunger does not return in 20 minutes, you have saved yourself unnecessary calorie consumption.

The average adult man needs at least 2.6 litres per day and the average women 2.1 litres, but the weather, illness and doing exercise can alter your requirements.

Getting enough fluid couldn’t be easier as there are now so many options available to us; from making your own infusions with fresh berries, ginger root, lemon, lime, cucumber or cinnamon sticks that can be enjoyed hot or cold, to the vast array of herbal and fruit tea blends on the market.

In store we stock a wide range and you are bound to find one or two that you will love. Plus we have a selection of coffee alternatives such as A Vogel Bambu or Roasted Chicory drink, all being great hot beverage options, especially if you are looking to avoid caffeine completely.

If you are just looking to reduce your caffeine intake and are considering decaffeinated, remember it does still contain small amounts of caffeine, which can be up to 3%.

When choosing a decaffeinated coffee, consider the extraction process use, as it can be via a solvent or solvent-free method. As the solvent chemical often used to extract the caffeine is a potential carcinogen, getting a decaffeinated coffee that has been made via the Swiss water method or carbon dioxide process is what we would recommend.


Hydration Quick Tips

  • Carry a bottle of water with you so you can sip it throughout the day
  • Take your own herbal or fruit teabags out and about to avoid being stuck in a situation of having to consume unhealthy beverages or none at all
  • Experiment by trying different herbal and fruit blends of teas or coffee alternatives
  • Aim for at least 2-3 litres per day and increase that amount if it has been extremely hot or you have been exercising
  • Make your own sugar and sweetener free juice by brewing your favourite fruit tea and allowing to cool. One of my favourites to make into a juice is Yogi’s Women Energy Tea; absolutely delicious and due to its natural sweet taste it is a great alternative to juices laden with sweeteners or sugar

So give it a go and make your goal this month hydrating your body, you will not only feel the difference but see it too.

Next time you are in store pick up your free samples of herbal tea blends to try.