Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies

The tradition of using herbs for healing dates from ancient times. They have formed the basis of many modern medicines. Right up to the first half of the 20th century most orthodox drugs were derived from herbal origins. Herbs are made up of mutually dependant complex chemicals and they work best when the active parts are used whole and in a natural state. Despite extensive research science has still not been able to identify and synthetically copy the components of natural plant herbs.

Herbal medicine is most effective when prescribed for a specific person rather than an illness and will stimulate healing in the whole person.

Appleseeds has a considerable range of herbal remedies in tablet, tincture and loose format. They have proved extremely effective in helping individuals back to full health. Herbs are used to prevent and alleviate disease, detox, for immune system support and to re-establish the state of balance within the body and mind.

We have extensive knowledge within the store to advise on specific remedies and have access to Herbal Practitioners for any further detailed studies.

Your Appleseeds Herbal First Aid Kit would include:

Garlic – antiseptic and anti-fungal properties , used for coughs, colds, fungal infections, heart, arteries and circulation.

Ginger – a great remedy for indigestion, travel and morning sickness, circulation and arthritis.


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