Detox diets are a common trend but if you are following an extreme plan that is cutting out important food groups or nutrients; it can result in doing more harm than good and may put increased strain on an already deficient body.
Therefore making small lifestyle changes and healthy food choices can provide a gentle detox program that decreases toxin load, aids the body’s natural detox process, and enhances overall health as well as possibly giving you some ideas and tips that you can then make routine into your everyday life once your detox has ended.

Seven Step Guide to Detoxification.

  • Increase your consumption of filtered water, this is crucial to move waste out of the body. Start each day with warm water and a squeeze of lemon juice as this improves digestion by preparing the liver to produce enzymes. Aim for 2-3 litres per day and add in herbal teas such as dandelion, burdock, milk thistle or blends targeted at supporting the liver; Dr Stuarts do some fantastic herbal combinations such as Detox and Liver Detox.
  • Clean up your diet by reducing sugar intake and focusing on a wholesome diet that includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. Juicing and non-dairy smoothies can be used as a cleansing aid if they consist of ingredients that support liver function, such as carrot, celery, ginger, kale greens and beetroot. Watercress, Swiss chard, dandelion greens and collards all promote digestion, as well as the liver detoxification processes. Add in plenty of garlic as it helps the liver rid the digestive system of toxic residues.
    Consider adding in a greens powder such as Chlorella, as itis a powerful detoxifier and cleanser, helping to flush out waste and pollutants.
  • Cut out alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol not only taxes your liver and kidneys, it can be addictive, and is also a central nervous system depressant. Caffeine on the other hand is a central nervous system stimulant, so if you are consuming caffeine every day, reducing your consumption slowly in the days before you begin your detox may help to decrease withdrawal symptoms such as headaches.
  • Sleep is crucial to supporting the body to detox and repair. Research has shown that getting between 6-8 hours is what the body requires for optimal health and well-being. Sleep deprivation has been linked to a range of conditions from heart problems to Alzheimer’s, and can also affect weight as it disrupts the hormones that control appetite; resulting in over eating, at the same time slowing the metabolism.
    If you are struggling with sleep there are a whole host of natural remedies, herbs and nutrients that may help get you back into a regular sleep pattern; just pop in store and speak to a member staff.
  • Incorporate light exercise to improve circulation and reduce stress. During a detox is a great time to do activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi to help calm body and mind; detoxing the soul too. Many Yoga poses are aimed at supporting detoxification and going to a class with a qualified teacher will ensure you are incorporating them into your practice.
  • Body care and household cleaners is another place to go natural. The chemicals you put onto your skin and in the environment have to be processed by your body as they enter transdermal and through respiration. Look at the labels and look out for irritants, go as natural as possible. Consider using coconut oil to moisturise the skin, go for a paraben free shampoo and conditioner, aluminium free deodorant and a fluoride free toothpaste to reduce the burden on your body. In store we have a huge selection of alternative body and home care products available.
    Epsom Salt bath four times a week; soaking for 20 minutes.
    It naturally contains magnesium and sulphate, replenishing body levels and aiding the body to flush toxins out.


Herb and Supplement Support

A VOGEL MILK THISTLE COMPLEX; a great liver tonic that helps to increase levels of glutathione; a powerful antioxidant that processes toxins in every cell in the body. The A Vogel complex also contains dandelion and artichoke which support the liver to cleanse of contaminants, stimulates bile flow and may reduce blood lipid and cholesterol levels.
KORDEL’S MILK THISTLE PLUS; another fantastic complex blending Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Dandelion, Astragalus and Barberry. Combined with Milk Thistle, Barberry has been shown to balance blood sugar levels; reducing sugar cravings as your body maintains a stabilized blood sugar; it also has been shown to reduce Liver DNA damage caused by certain chemicals.
BURDOCK ROOT; acts as a blood cleanser helping neutralise poisons.
ALOE VERA JUICE; stimulates and cleanses the liver. It is a mild laxative too, supporting regular bowel movements so aiding the body to remove waste material-crucial to remaining healthy and having a successful detox.
PSYLLIUM HUSK; soluble fibre that sweeps through the colon acting like a broom, again supporting to keep the bowel regular.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR; organic and unfiltered (with the mother) brings about a vast array of benefits to overall health from supporting weight loss, balancing blood sugar and encouraging lymphatic drainage, helping the body cleanse of unwanted nasties.
GREEN POWDER; use chlorella, spirulina, barley or wheatgrass; high in chlorophyll the green powders have a fantastic ability to normalise digestive juices and reduce hyperacidity, stimulate peristalsis therefore encouraging healthy bowel movements, support liver detoxification and deodorise the GI tract. Plenty of different individual powders or green blends to choose from in store.

Keep it gentle and steady and you will be amazed how you can feel and how balanced your body and mind will become.