Month: November 2016



Superfoods are nutrient dense foods, every aspect of which packs a full punch of beneficial nutrients. These foods have an alchemical, almost magical aspect to them, the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to superfoods. Many have been revered for their properties by ancient civilizations. All in all …

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We Look After You Naturally

Appleseeds has adopted the slogan “We look after you Naturally.” We believe we achieve this by supplying a full range of products covering organic food, gluten free food, other special food requirements, vitamins and mineral supplements,  sports supplements, over 120 herbs and spices bagged to size, chilled and frozen products, beer and wine making equipment, organic …

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The Cold Season

The common cold is so widespread that few of us escape infection. The Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University says that today’s busy lifestyles and overcrowding provide prefect breeding ground for the cold virus, whilst most colds are actually passed on at home. This is probably due to the children picking up the infection at …

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