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Reduce Your Plastic At Appleseeds

Reduce Your Plastic At Appleseeds

As the result of modern day living reliance on plastic is immerging and clearly shows that we need to make change. Each one of us is responsible, and as a business with strong beliefs on environmental issues we want to do what we can to reduce the impact the devastating effects of plastic is having on the environment.

We have therefore put together a list of products that we supply which reduce or eliminate the need for plastic. See the list below and help make a difference.

Plastic Free List

  • Loose herbs and spices; people bring their own jars
  • Bio D washing up liquid refillAppleseeds Health Store
  • Ecoleaf Laundry liquid refill
  • Loose soaps with no packaging in a wide variety of scents; Faith in Nature or Suma
  • Shampoo and Shaving soap bars, natural and paraben free
  • Lovely moisturizers and hand creams in glass jars; Chain bridge Honey Farm Skincare
  • Bamboo socks
  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Moon Cups
  • Plastic free sanitary products
  • Cotton buds with no plastic
  • Viridian supplements – ethical company in glass jars
  • A. Vogel herbal supplements – in cardboard and glass packaging
  • Soap nuts
  • Paper sandwich bags
  • Biodegradable bin bags
  • New refill service for Suma shampoo and conditioner
  • Appleseeds own nuts, seeds, dried fruit, red lentils and oats can be refilled into customers own containers; simply bring in your container and ask a member of staff
  • Additionally all our bagged up products such as nuts and seeds are bagged in biodegradable packagingNutritional Foods

We have also selected our suppliers based on the kind of packaging they send. By choosing to have items delivered to us by either cardboard, paper or rice chips it helps to eliminate polystyrene chips that are so readily used and unnecessary.

Together we can make change #plasticfree

Health Food - Appleseeds Health Store
Health Food - Appleseeds Health Store
Health Food - Appleseeds Health Store
Health Food - Appleseeds Health Store
Health Food - Appleseeds Health Store
Health Food - Appleseeds Health Store


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